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Thread: Fuse Selection Advice

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    The maximum continuous current that battery can draw is 150A, I can confirm that (5.0Ah x 30C) - the burst is higher than this, but must be in short periods of time (usually no more than 15 to 60 seconds, depending on battery). Refer to manual or page you bought it from, for details of the burst.

    For the Team Death heavyweight, we're using strip fuses & mega fuses (the same as these but bigger, and supporting up to a lot more amps (these things ; - ebay for 'strip fuse' or 'midi / mega fuse' and you'll find them - commonly used in vehicles so they're closer to the voltages we use in bots)
    We're also using several fuses. Each motor has its own fuse (so they can't blow themselves), and there is a master fuse of 200A (on a battery with 202.5A max draw) which if blown will kill the entire bot. As long as you have a master fuse of the correct rating you should be fine, but if you want extra peace of mind, you can fuse motors individually as we're doing. We have 60A fuses for each motor.

    eBay is often your best friend, as you can find some deals on there that are good, and more tailered to your exact needs. If you need it, someone is probably selling it on there - often at cheaper prices than a hardware shop.
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    There are two 'C' ratings of lipo batteries. There is a constant discharge and a peak (or burst) discharge.
    For example,
    this 5000mAh, 5S battery has a Constant Discharge of 30C and a peak discharge of 40C for 10 seconds. Therefore, the maximum constant current is 150A (30C x 5Ah) and the maximum burst current is 200A (40C x 5Ah).

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