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Thread: Haynes Manual Build a Robot

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    Due to car buying and house renovations this has been on hold but due to the FeatherTwo ESC's popping back into stock I finally have all the parts I need to get started, this is my basic parts layout, motors will be at the top back corners, will draw these in later


    Also got the drill motors out and in the mounts (big thanks to Roboteernat for these, made things so much easier)


    Im planning to use both batteries as ive shown above, or do people recommend just using one? Looking for a wiring diagram to work from and they all seem to show one battery used.

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    Are you planning to use the drill batteries? Neophyte runs on only one drill battery but it is rather slow. To be honest most people would recommend running 1 lipo compared to 2 drill batteries, as the lipo would weigh less than both combined & potentially kick out more power depending on your choice (you would need a fuse for that though). If you do run two batteries I recommend wiring them in parallel.

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    Have a look at this as a starting point:
    It's a 14.8v which is similar to your drill motors & should be OK for the actuator too. You probably could get away with a higher rated (5S) lipo too. Keep in mind that this particular model uses a XT60 connector so you will need to pick up a XT60 connector so you can plug it into the robot. You will also need a proper lipo charger.

    There's a couple of threads on here about starting off with lipo's. I'd strongly recommend reading those first before committing to anything.

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    Hey, glad your going to be getting underway wth the robot again.

    Comet, a FW robot uses the argos battery to power the robot. Is a good starting point, considering you would have 2 batteries from the 2 drills already. But it isnt ideal for powering a weapon too.
    I use a 2.65 4s lipo on my bot, and that uses about 40% a match and thats with an electric axe. I also have a 4s 3.3a battery, but this is an additional 100g.

    Regarding the drive, the Botbitz 80 amp esc are good and very reliable. Comet uses the 30amop ones if i recall - thats not my bot so just remembering.

    Alternatively you can reprogram your own esc simply using a usb programmer and a particular brushless esc, so you could do it half price, i will update this post with esc info when i fInd it.

    William Cadwallader has some nice build videos of his robot too,
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    Regarding the drive, the Botbitz 80 amp esc are good and very reliable. Comet uses the 30amop ones if i recall - thats not my bot so just remembering.
    Yes, Comet uses the 30A versions of the ESC.

    Not the same weight class but Jibril uses 10AWG wire with a pair of 4S 4200mAh LiFe batteries to drive both the drive and the Scythe (should probably be looking to change that). In previous iterations of The Honey Badger, this was 12AWG using 2x 2100mAh 3S LiFe batteries. In your case, the wiring is probably going to be simpler if you are only using the one drill battery.

    I recently built a wiring loom for a fellow competitor which I guess yours may end up wanting to look like.

    If you wanted to add in a line for a weapon from the same battery, I'd splice in an extra positive and negative wire at the ends.
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