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Thread: Lem 200

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    Lipo - 12s good quality lipo like optipower
    Speed control - I wouldn't bother unless you can come up with something custom. I would instead recommend a solenoid (speaking from experience here).

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    I would run 2 6S packs in series. 6S is easy to recharge with "affordable" chargers.

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    I ran a total of 6 packs on the lem. 4s 4.3Ah wired to give 12s at 8.6Ah. I had to go for smaller packs to be able to travel internationally with them as there are strict limits on pack size when flying. I wouldn't recommend doing it with poorer quality lipo though.

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    I wouldn't shy away from them if you can get a hold of them / justify the expense. They are lovely motors.

    Brushed and super high speed typically don't go together all that well. If you want high speed with a small diameter drum then you need to be gearing up your motor in stead of gearing it down.

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    The cheapest, most powerfull motors suitable for a disk/drum are series wound motors. Old startermotors from cars for example.

    Biggest disadvantage is that they are inefficient compared to any other motor. That translates in a lot of heat and the need for a big battery.

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    We run Griffalo on a custom 24v Car Solenoid with Palou Switch..

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