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Thread: Entanglement devices

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    I wouldn't have thought so, untethered devices (wherever or not they were entanglement devices) are specifically prohibited under 12.6:

    12.6 Untethered Projectiles
    Projectiles must have a tether capable of stopping the projectile at full speed and be no longer than 2.5m.
    The Robot Wars Series 10 rules say this about entanglement:

    14.2 Entanglement
    Devices designed specifically to entangle other weapons are permitted under the follow conditions:

    14.2.1 Separation
    Entanglement devices must not cause two or more robots to be entangled together to the point where a battle requires intervention in order for it to continue.
    ...but even with that, they still have to have a tether if launched as a projectile under rule 13.5, which reads the same as 12.6 from the FRA ruleset.
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    Tis but a scratch

    entanglement devices are a slippy slop i feel. Considering people can already build bots which can tank and beat Spinners already it just something that will take time.

    EDIT: Look at

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    Sections 13 and 14 are from the Robot Wars series 10 ruleset.

    I'm not intending of going down the projectile route necessarily, more of a very long 'sticky' fibre to feed into the spinner's axel and jam it up like a hair in a scalextic car axel.
    I can see where you are going with this. I suppose the question is "does something that is detached from the robot by the opponent rather than fired count as a untethered projectile?" If it does, then it would fall under the remit of 12.6 and thus would likely not be allowed. If it doesn't (and the crucial difference is that it is not fired, rather torn off) then this would be a grey area - there is nothing in the rules (as far as I can see) for weapons that are detached by control (i.e a switch to cause a quick release to unlock for example) or through design, such as a pre determined weak point.

    I would possibly err on the side of the controlled release not being allowed in that context given the limited (but useful) use and the rest of the rules specifically prohibit untethered weaponry and I suppose entanglement devices do count in this context. However, those with a predetermined weak point (Donald Thump's or Milly Ann Bug's hair for example where the weak point is where the hair connects to the main body) I would say avoids this but it is definitely a one shot affair. Useful in competition maybe but in melees, potentially getting rid of one spinner won't stop the other four (in the case of Manchester).

    Tis but a scratch
    Haha, least yours is still in one piece (or near enough - how is it holding up?). Mine is being held together with nothing beyond hope at this point. Could have had use for an entanglement device from that first hit that ripped off the lid.
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    AW: Amai, Ikari, Lafiel, Osu, Ramu
    BW: Shu!, The Honey Badger
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    Quote Originally Posted by FatYucca View Post
    It's a grey area for sure. Even a sacrificial cluster bot with a net has crossed my mind, but its a risky one shot afair that probably isn't worth the effort of developing.

    A bigger spinner is the answer then!
    You rang?

    Red was an unused series 3 minibot design using 2 steel cables suspended in the cross, probably wouldn't have really worked, aimed more at verts than horizontals.

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