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Thread: Very well used Antweight for sale

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    So I'm probably preaching to converted here since you all have your own machines, but just in case those who don't have the equipment are browsing this, figured I'd put this up here.

    For sale:

    Used Antweight combat robot (150g) for £50

    Bought from (I believe it may even have been the first purchase through the site) as a pusher bot (currently on sale on the site for £90. 3D Printed in ABS Plastic, 2WD with polycarbonate guards on both wheels and front plough. Controlled by a Team Nuts Nanotwo v2 mixed receiver and dual channel speed controller, kill switch on the bottom, and two N20 30:1 gearmotors with two 30mm Tough-hub wheels


    The bot has competed at AWS 53 (Southampton) 0-2, Ant Freeze 5 (Birmingham) 5-2 and AWS 54 (Bath) 2-2 under the name 'I Never Asked For This'. It has been repainted twice (from original yellow to black and gold, then paint stripped and sprayed in blue) and has a number of slice marks from spinners including a large gouge across the back plate. All these are entirely cosmetic however and do not affect the actual structure of the robot. Some screws have been damaged (thanks Tom) and so it lacks two screws on either side for the Polycarb plate, though they stay on fine. The screws on the top plate are somewhat damaged as well.

    The robot is supplied without a transmitter, however a bind plug can be included if you so wish. It also has no battery included. Considering this state plus the battle damage taken, and the cost of the components remaining inside the robot, it's believed this is a fair price for a second hand machine at this rate.

    Again, you guys here are probably not the target audience, but I'm posting it up here as somewhere to direct others. But if you are interested in something that's tanked some nasty spinners (including The Tim Rackers Experience) and can come out on the other end, I'm happy to be rid of it.

    First time selling anything robot orientated, I hope I've done alright. Any questions message me.



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    Sold pending payment

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