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Thread: Robot Wars cancelled

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    There is some talk of banding together to make our own show. Seems there are plenty of people willing to volunteer to make it a reality.

    Edit: If you are interested in helping hit up this group.
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    Hi, was thinking if this could be done also, I am about to take a 1yr out of work so really up for it. Please keep me posted. I have also signed up to the group.

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    This was always a possibility, the show was given a prime slot on sunday
    so if viewing figures are low theres no real excuses, but........
    What about fullfilling the BBC variety commitment, why have 30+ cooking
    programmes in a week and no Robot Wars..because there cheap ?-you could
    film me cooking it would be cheaper .
    I estimate that the show would cost around a half million pounds a series-you
    have the hosts/judges/cameramen/robot drivers/crew/hotel costs /food.
    This dosen't include the cost to build an arena which would be considrable.

    When I saw the return of Robot wars for series 8 (which was a shock) I was
    promted to build a new Robot and although its took nearly a year to build it
    woulden't have been ready for series 10 which Adam attended the filming of
    early in the year.

    On the positive side I'm guessing we aren't alone in this situation and so
    that means there should be a lot of new Robots awaiting thier arena debut.
    I have done both Live events and taken part in the Robot Wars Show and
    the main difference is Your Robot gets High production value airtime on Robot
    You get exactly the same buzz when your in the pits and when you drive your
    Robot in the arena.
    So Don't wait for a new series to debut your Robot, it might never happen-
    get yourself to a live event and see for yourself.
    I wonder wether the BBC could donate the arena to the robot community
    -you dont really need a warehouse that big though-a rentable space of
    £1000 a month would be enough (yorkshire rates) if people chipped in
    and you would have a venue/test venue.
    Some talk about Battlebots but I dont think I will be traveling to USA anytime
    with a robot in tow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thekinky1 View Post
    I was thinking about this, I'm glad I'm not the only person thinking about making a show.
    I signed up to the group.
    Funny thing is before the Robot Wars was bought back, brining back Robot Wars was on my to do list if I ever won the lotto and since the show has been axed again, it's now back on the to do list.

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    I Don't do facebook or twitter but keep me informed of developments

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    Hi Colin, thought you made some great points in your post. As you have mentioned there are many live events, some of which I shall be attending as a competitor (see ya there). As for an arena, I am sure there are enough roboteers to spread the costs, as long as the location was central for all with ease for travel. As I have mentioned earlier, I would love to help out and am sure many others would too. This could be a national club which could develop into the continent competitions / championships and so on. If run correctly I feel the opportunities would be very rewarding for all including the spectators.

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    Colin indeed raises good points, and he has plenty of experience in both Robot Wars and live circuits. I'm currently building a bot with him as part of Team Death. I'm sure we'll both be at a live event not too far away.
    We definitely need to pitch in our thoughts, direct them at Mentorn, so they can hopefully find themselves a new home.

    If not, I'm sure we have enough roboteers to continue a strong following and keep up regular live events.

    I've been keeping it under my sleeve, but in September last year, i registered a company (Bad Science Limited), with the intention of doing live events of every popular weight category around the north (I was talking to venues in Newcastle, Liverpool, York, Huddersfield, Sheffield & Hull, specifically) every 3-6 month. Running them as a sort of attraction and matter of curiosity, with the public being able to pay a token fee of a few pound, and watch or take part in the events and come and go throughout the day to the venu, watching things smashing each other up, selling stuff (like 3D printed antweights) to people to get them into the sport, and as a resource to learn how to build one if desired. The plan was to also live stream things on the internet. Revenue was hopefully going to be through the mark up on selling things like the 3D prints and the entry fees.
    It was a plan I was working on, but I'm not sure if there is going to be enough interest to see that idea through anymore, with Robot Wars likely not going to be on TV for a while, so the knowledge and interest on the public might dwindle. If I see demand and interest still, I might try finding help to get the idea through with roboteers. It'll be quite expensive to initially setup, but then it's just a case of moving the arena (polycarb is damned expensive) around the country and renting out arenas. Sports centres and even church halls i've spoken with were alright on the idea, if I could prove the safety aspect of everything, and in sports centres case, not dent their beautiful flooring. I'm sure with enough patience and funding, permanent regular spots could be formed however.

    If nothing else, I can still say i'm the CEO of an actual company, so there's always that
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    Hello Adam, I live just outside Grimsby, and about to take early retirement. I would love to sit down with you and discuss further. Private message me if you wish (I'm not sure how to start a PM - sorry) and we can make arrangements. I believe I could help you build this venture.

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    I've sent you a message, I look forward to your reply.

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