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Thread: Team Bitza - Banshee

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    After re-configuring what remained of Spinza Mk I into Ankle Biter for last years BW champs I've decided to try building a couple from scratch for this years competition. The first will be Ankle Biter MkII (horizontal bar spinner) and the second will be my first stab at a drum spinner, Banshee.

    I wanted to try out a few new ideas with the drum spinner (Innovation pushing tried, tested and reliable options aside!) The first new idea is building suspension into the wheels by remove material around the motor mounts and rely on the Titanium flexing and not bending.

    The second idea I could use some advice with, having seen a miniature turbine spun to 80,000 rpm with compressed air I starting thinking if it would be possible to power a spinning weapon with compressed air. My thoughts are to have either a small EDF or 3D printed centrifugal compressor blow high speed/pressurised air into veins to turn the drum. Although there would be a tiny amount of torque I'd hope that the drum would build inertia which could deliver the punch, in a similar way that you may drop the power to the motor before an impact.

    Ankle Biter.PNGAnkle Biter 2.PNGSuspension.PNGBlower.PNG30mm EDF.PNGVeins 1.PNGVeins 2.PNG

    My brain can't work out if this is at all possible, any thoughts much appreciated.
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    Very nice designs! Can’t wait to see them!

    Bad Wolf

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    Looking good! and great idea with the air turbine, would be awesome to see it work, though I think there would be issues with the torque, and having enough to spin up any weapon in a reasonable time. Though I do not know much about those type of systems so I may very well be wrong!

    Good luck

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    That turbine drum idea is nuts. I have no idea if it would be successful or not but would love to see it come to fruition. Obviously experimentation would be required but it might benefit from a few venturi nozzles on the outlet (perhaps hinged) to accelerate the air flow and allow you to get the optimal angle for air to vane contact. If the drum is well balanced and spins very freely on its mounts then I don't imagine it would take too much to get it turning, at which point momentum becomes your friend.
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    The turbine drum will probably work if you can get it spinning very freely. Spinup time will be dreadful though. How would you make the turbine blades? Might be possible to get some flat plates cut with slots to slide the blades in at each end, with some thin ti for the blades. If you make the nozzle for the fan/compressor the same size as the blades you might be able to improve the efficiency a bit by focusing all the air. Needs a small gap between nozzle and blades too. Jamie's idea of using venturi nozzles might help too.

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    cool idea, but would spin down time also be a problem as well ?

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    Love the drum idea, I can see it working so interested to see how that turns out. You might have come across it already, but there was a pneumatic spinner in season 5 of Battlebots called The Butcher. It's the only one I can think of though.
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