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Thread: Scotland Social/Robot Wars Anniversary - Glasgow, February 25th

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    Hi folks,

    I've organised hire of a function room at a Glasgow City Centre pub/restaurant on Sunday 25th February for a screening of the first series of Robot Wars (in all its average YouTube quality!) to mark the 20th anniversary, as well as to have a social event/catch up.

    The run time is likely to be from early afternoon to around 7 or 8pm, with three hours for the screening and time before and after to socialise/look at robots etc. The room is up a flight of stairs so bringing heavyweight robots isn't really possible, but any robots from featherweight down will be welcome for static display (no combat sorry!)

    The venue is just a couple of minutes walk from both the railway station and bus station, as well as the underground network, so it should be easy to get to/from even with a Sunday service.

    If you're interested in coming along or have any questions, drop me a PM and I'll reply there.


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    Info message with venue/info/contact details has gone out on the FB event page and via PM. Think I've covered everyone who registered interest. See you all Sunday

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    Thanks for organising the event. Good location - shame you had the longest journey of anyone to get there!
    It was really nice to meet everyone. My first Roboteering event, no proper battles but lots of info to get me motivated to complete a featherweight asap. Next time EKW will be rolling and we can have a bit of sparring

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    Glad you enjoyed it Simon, and it was nice to meet you. Hopefully we can sort another one soon.
    Some photos from the day:

    DSC_0491.JPG DSC_0486.jpg DSC_0496.jpg DSC_0497.JPG DSC_0505.JPG

    DSC_0509.jpg DSC_0511.jpg DSC_0522.JPG DSC_0530.JPG DSC_0554.JPG

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