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Thread: Flip Over Robot Ariel Location / Advice

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    Hi all, thanks for reading this new post. I am just about there now with the finished build of my heavy weight flip over robot. The only part left is the location of the receiver and the two Ariel's it comes with already fitted. The robot is generally steel chassis and steel armour, so loads of steel... I am concerned with not only damage to the ariel/s from another robot but the fire pit too. I guess if the ariel/s get damaged then the robot will stop functioning. So any advice would be greatly received. I have had thoughts of using 2no. BIC pen bodies with end cap still fitted and poke them cap end first each through top and bottom armour plates with ariels inserted. Otherwise I'm stumped...

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    With 2.4gig you can pretty much bury the receiver inside the robot and not worry about it's location. If you are really concerned, duct tape it in a location and set the robot up on blocks. Have someone stand beside it and walk away moving a stick on the transmitter every so often. If you can get a solid 50m (shouldn't be an issue) then you should have no trouble in an arena.

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    Thanks Gary for your reply. I had similar ideas myself to carry out tests, wasn't sure of distance though. What about the Ariel's? do they need to be exposed?

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    Nope. Crossfires was buried in a 2mm thick steel welded box and PP3Ds was buried in behind 3 to 6mm of hardox.

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    Thanks Gary, fingers crossed then. 1st test hopefully this coming weekend.

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