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Thread: Brushless FW drive setup

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    I'm going to setup a demo drive unit using brushless as a learning excercise. The plan is to use some bits for a test chosen I hope so they can be expanded on for different configurations as the experiments continue.

    The aim therefore is to use a 2836 1000kv prop drive V2 into a banebots p60 at 16:1 with a 5" wheel. I'm going to drive this with a Hobbyking F-80 on 4s. I'm picking that as it has the range to do 6s if I want to play with bigger out runners in the future.

    ive got got lots of Colson 5"x2" so probably need the banebots 3" shaft but will do that once things seem to work but will start on other wheels for now.

    I've seen robots like crippling depression run nice on these esc's and all the bits seem to be in stock and easily available in the future. Comments and practical experience gladly appreciated.

    Ive got got lots of existing brushed configs, so this is a foray into brushless as a test.

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    If you meant those esc with f80, you will have to flash them with simonk/blheli to have both forward and reverse.

    In my 6kg Raptorweight I´m running generic chinese 4-pole inrunner with 4300kv, d&d drill gearbox, skywalker 80 flashed with blheli, 3s lipo, ~75mm wheels. The main goals were an easy motor swap and a speed increase compared to the 14v motor that came with the drill. Since I´ve been flying electric rc-planes for half of my life, brushless felt easier and more natural to me as well. Additionally I feel more comfortable with a fast robot.

    My feather was powered by Hacker a40-10s 8-pole, 24:1 REC gearbox, Skywalker 80 flashed with blheli, 5s lipo and ~100mm wheels. A 24:1 REC with a ntm 35-48 would make a reasonably priced bolt on brushless setup (you can get a 5mm pinion instead of the brushed motor).

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    Thanks for the tips. But with tz85 showing Classic HK out of stock message and all the recs also out of stock I'm putting a banebots order in for a pair of wheels , boxes and shafts and then a HK for the 1000k and possibly some 1200. Robot shop was the alternative but I'm opting for the dual 550/700 banebots version so I can reuse them if needed for a HW.

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    I am using 2836 1800kv propdrive motors on 28:1 neptune gearboxes, hopefully overvolted to 5s on 75mm wheels, which seems to be working fine so far though I have not done thorough enough testing. I will be using 30a hobbyking ESCs

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    Well the first step is done. I got a PropDrive 28-36 and a HK F-60 Sbec and one of those USBASP. Soldered it in (wont be doing that again, going to buy the plug device) and managed at last to get the kkMulticopter to work. I think their server was having coniptions, but can download it all now. Installed bs.hex with the removal of the RC Calibration and the addition of the RC PULS REVERSE and I've now got a bi directional brushless.

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