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Thread: Any Lincolnshire / Yorkshire Meets

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    Hi everyone,
    I have just completed my first heavyweight robot, and was wondering if there are any social events / meets around Lincolnshire or Yorkshire?

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    Where do you live?

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    If there is a social in lincolnshire i would really like to know as well

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    I will set up a meet if enough are interested.

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    Definitely interested, I live near Grimsby but travel is not a problem.

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    Threekingham here (20mins Grantham)

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    Al_'s Avatar

    Just across the border near Retford here, so if there's a meetup, I'd be interested in coming along time/date permitting.

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    Well i suppose i best get my ass in gear and find a pub that will let us bring our toys along...I will give it a few days on here incase anyone else would like to come along for a social then discuss dates....find me on facebook i am on that chat all the time. I have had a look on the map and i seem to be pretty central to our locations.....which is nice for a change...and easier to get a pub room.

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    Brilliant news and many thanks Swan for taking the lead. Look forward to meeting up with all.

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    Not a million miles away from my Shire, I'll pop up if I'm free.

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