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Thread: Newcastle/Durham

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    Hi Ratisha
    I'm not 100% sure- but when I wrote a thread headed Have Socials Died
    a Death it refered to the lack of interest in socials.
    I was told that most Roboteers meet up at live events which is great
    if you allready have a Robot to fight with but if your a Newbie and Don't
    have a Robot your not going to be able to mingle with the Roboteers
    I remember when Kevin Scott was holding regular Socials-just
    after series 7 had finished and we had up to 20 members attend.

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    It's a shame there are no regular meet ups, at least one in every major area (or even just vaguely 'North' and vaguely 'South'). Would be ace if the FRA group could try to arrange them, get roboteers of all skill levels or even just those curious together every 6 month or so to have a chat, offer advice to newbies and such.
    I've recently been trying to find out the viability of hosting an event in the northern area, as most seem to be down south. I'm making some but slow progress with that. Sports centre main halls seem the most likely choice for event spaces i've come across so far.

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    I am totally for this, as their is a major difference chatting with someone on these forums compared to face to face, but i would think just one meet in a more central location may be better.

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    I like the idea of a meet, as someone with a first build due to compete next year it would be really helpful to get feedback/ideas before the event and also meet some of the people before hand so its not quite as daunting when i turn up and don't know anyone! maybe we could arrange as Mark said a more central meet like Birmingham or Coventry and see what kind of interest and north/south ratios of people there are and plan accordingly for any future meets

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    Yeah. the UK is shaped awkwardly, not to mention involves several islands. Hard to do a meet in a place suitable for all.

    I still think that trying to organise vaguely localised meets would be nice, get everyone together every X month. People can help others, maybe form teams, or walk away with ideas and extra knowledge. I think everyone would be for that, bringing people together and sharing knowledge, helping the sport as a whole to continue.

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