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Thread: Tig Welder - buying advice.

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    Hi Dom,

    I would recommend the R-tech range of tig's, i have been using them for years and have suggested to various people and they recommend to anyone also

    If you serious about getting the best weld possible and gas coverage look into a aftermarket CK9 torch with gas lense by CK worldwide via


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    The R-tech stuff is very nice. Although I got a cheap chinese tig for around £500 off ebay a few years back and it has done me fine. I don't use it often so don't need a fancy machine. It does stick as well which is handy.

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    Gumtree would be another shout for a second hand machine.

    From what little experience I have with R-tech I'd suspect they would sort you out sharpish if there was an issue with a machine on delivery but this isn't speaking from ordering from them myself.

    How much do you think you will be using the machine?

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