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Thread: Event Regulations

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    Maybe im not looking in the right place or im just not very good at looking

    Didnt there use to be a list of event regulations online and viewable by all detailing the minimum requirement for all different Grades of event?

    For example itd explain what a Grade 2F arena was, minimum seperation between arena wall and spectators for this Grade, then the same for Grade 3 arenas ect.

    Does anyone know where this document is? - i realise it may be outdated and doesnt detail Beetles all that well for example, but its a good starting point when going through good goals to try and achieve in running an event

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    Yes and I have seen this somewhere... hangon

    Here it is...
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    That document is 5 years old, I believe it was taken down as machines have moved on and new guidelines are required. Kane would be able to clarify better.

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    Yes agreed its out of date, for example according to this all Beetleweight arenas currently in use fail the separation zone and thus shouldnt allow spinners.

    However its still a good start point to say to people who may be looking to do small scale events "Heres the things you want to be looking at and checking".

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