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Thread: CAD help

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    Get Autodesk Fusion 360, its free for non-commercial use, all cloud based and will cover everything you need to do.

    I start by modeling a few of the main components (wheels, motors, rams, cylinders etc) then do a rough bulkhead/baseplate/chassis (depending on your style of build) then just start adding the main bits in. You'll find you wil then do the other parts as and when you need them.

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    OnShape may be worth a look too. Also cloud based, and free for none commercial use. I am definitely no expert, but first impressions are good. I will check out the Autodesk option too. What would help me is a huge library of pre-modelled parts. There are plenty on OnShape as part of the model insists that free users make there models available to public in their database.

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    Yes - every drawing created with a free license is added to public library. If its an assembly then you can open the drawing and copy the part or sub-assembly.
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    I have watched the first couple of tutorials but need to invest some time in learning how to use it properly.

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