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Thread: LW spinner

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    The A28-400 motor is (or was) a very popular motor for lightweights. They run very hot, so the new fan-cooled version is a good option and you definitely need to get a spare set of brushes as they often chip during large impacts, which causes overheating.

    The motor's peak power output is about 3.35 Kw and it's weight is 3.13 Kg; nowadays you can get a more powerful brushless motor that weighs less and costs less IE something from the Hobbyking Rotomax range. The downside to using large brushless motors is that they run at higher voltages than most drive motors, so you need to run dual battery packs or hunt around for HV drive motors.

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    There have been some successful bar spinners using the A28-400 and it has heaps of low-speed torque, so I don't see why not.

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