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Thread: Calling all CAD pros - little help needed for a modified NERF gun

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    I can do it but don't have the time atm. Will be free at the start of next month.

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    Are the original files publicly available, I could have a go with solid works Maya plus others

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    Can probably have a go at this tomorrow morning if you link the thingiverse page and the motor you are using.

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    Cheers guys.

    This is the link to the motor cage: (you'll see there's cut outs for the motor wires already that'll need to line up)

    and these are the motors I'm using:

    Would also be great if someone could reduce the size/ simplify the flywheel file as I can probably manage to alter that myself in tinkercad.


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    Oh sorry I didn't realize nobody had actually got back to you. Will do it tonight when I get back from work.

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    I managed to remove the holes, but can't figure out how to make new ones. STL is such a shitty format for models, why don't people just print step files...

    You can just print the part out and drill the holes yourself. Using the motor plate as a guide.

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