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Thread: Triforce 3 - Build Progress Thread

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    4mm only? Those tooth will be stripped during the first decent acceleration.

    Just to give an example of forces on gears. Kashei, a feather stripped and split steel mod 2 gears , and the motor dirving those is just a NTM5060 on 4S. We had to redesign the geartrain 4 times, to get something that doesn't eat gears every fight.

    I was thinking of mod 4 ringgear for the disk, and those are 40mm wide in commercial form. Idealy, it would be chevron gears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveimi View Post
    Yeah I mean the gearbox is beautiful. I'm worried about the amount of material holding the bearings and axle that the drive sprocket runs in.
    Do remember this is all hardox 500, its insanely strong stuff. The bearings on the shaft have flanges and the shaft has retaining bolts on both ends.
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    Thanks for pointing that out! I have run through some calculations in inventor now, the 8mm total facewidth is actually fine if using a hardened mod4 gear to drive it.

    However the gear is too big to be hardened easily since its >100mm so if I get it from EN24T (250-300 brinnel) it will be fine with a 12mm face width. (Safety factor 1.36) If I increase the facewidth to 16mm its 1.56.

    Rather amusingly the stacked 4mm thick internal gears are plenty strong (Safety fac 2.7) its the drive gear that gets ruined due to it being very soft.

    Does anyone know any places that do case hardening? Cheaply..

    I guess I could get the drive gear waterjet too which would solve that problem. Although the taper might cause havoc.

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    Surely you should redesign the ring to have 3 teeth. That way the name makes way more sense, and you could maybe drop a rotomax on the weapon because good god that is some serious overkill!!

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    Well I already have the motor see...

    And the ring was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to expensive to change. £3k+

    Overkill is good!
    Means I can run the motors at much lower power and stop them burning.

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    We tested a Revolt RV-100pro unsensored on 3S driving a 20kg disk on bronze bushings today. It needed a small push to get start, but it made the revs calculated.

    I'm really curious how it will act on the sensored 8S+

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    Beautiful. I'm very interested on how the clutching system works, as that looks to be some serious force you're putting through there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by emisnug View Post
    Beautiful. I'm very interested on how the clutching system works, as that looks to be some serious force you're putting through there!
    The Clutch is a friction torque limiter from Ringspann RS50.2 it will be set to 50Nm although we will likely exceed that if we give full power, we actually don't want to run it at full power to save the motors from overheating.

    I have a spreadsheet which calculates all the Torques and forces which says the motors produce 15Nm each so 45Nm this then has a speed increase gear ratio 0.78 to the drive gear so 35Nm. Then the drive gear to ring ratio is 4.84 giving a torque of 170Nm on the ring. Calculates max rpm is 1770rpm.
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    Looks great! Was looking forward to seeing the original version run.

    Don't rely on the clutch slipping during spin-up if you can help it... all the time its slipping its heating up (a lot)... that heat has to go somewhere, probably directly into your weapon motors which will help them cook quickly.

    Asking 3 large brushless motors to run together in perfect time is an interesting challenge, hope it works well for you guys! Id certainly design in being able to run on 2, or even one motor rather than 3 encase you run into last minute timing issues.

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