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Thread: BOB FW Series

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    It's because the total voltage of the pack isn't what it set in the charger.

    14,8V is 4S LiPo.

    You can use the charger in a few charge modiï. Charge and balancing charge. Balancing charge is almost mandatory for us.

    If you program 4S LiPo and 2A, it will charge any battery that has a voltage between 10.8V and 16.8V.

    With balancing, the individual cells are measured, and if 1 gives a too low voltage, the charger won't start either.

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    If you call up the individual cells on the display, what information is displayed?

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    That is a very strange reading. 2 options.
    Or the cells are DEAD, gone, destroyed, sucked dry.
    Or there is a problem with the balancing wire harness.

    What does the main connector give as voltage?

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    No, I mean, meassure the voltage of the main leads.

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