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Thread: BOB FW Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocracoke View Post
    Removable links perhaps? I can't see them in the photo.
    It's there, it's between the two fuses, part of it that is.

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    Looks like I may have to scrap the control box for the linear actuator and use a speed controller instead. Problem I got at the moment is that I got tank steering, so the left stick moves the left side of the robot and the right stick moves the right side of the robot. The amps won't be a problem for the linear actuator since a simple fuse can fix that, it's just finding one and sorting out the controls.

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    Well when I sort one problem out, I get another this time it's trying to charge my battery. It's giving me the 'cell error, voltage invalid' message.
    I looked online about this, but I just can't be sure what the best way to fix this.
    Also if anyone is wondering what charger and battery I'm using, the charger is an imax b6ac and battery is a 14.8V 2200mAh 35C/70C LiPO RC Battery Giant Power.

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    It's because the total voltage of the pack isn't what it set in the charger.

    14,8V is 4S LiPo.

    You can use the charger in a few charge modiï. Charge and balancing charge. Balancing charge is almost mandatory for us.

    If you program 4S LiPo and 2A, it will charge any battery that has a voltage between 10.8V and 16.8V.

    With balancing, the individual cells are measured, and if 1 gives a too low voltage, the charger won't start either.

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    When I put on balanced charge I set on 14,8v 4s, 2.2a, then when I push start that's when I get the error message.

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    If you call up the individual cells on the display, what information is displayed?

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    From what its tell me is 0.00 0.00 0.00 2.50.
    Something tells me that's going to be a bit of a problem.

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    That is a very strange reading. 2 options.
    Or the cells are DEAD, gone, destroyed, sucked dry.
    Or there is a problem with the balancing wire harness.

    What does the main connector give as voltage?

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    Do you mean what other voltage It could give if it needs a extra kick? I know that's not the safes way to do it.

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    No, I mean, meassure the voltage of the main leads.

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