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Thread: BOB FW Series

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    wooh, that some over kill chain there, fm2 using 06b which is used in HW drive, i mean if you already got it then ok but i would look at either t8f chain aka minimotor chain (a bigger 8mm chain 05b sporkets work) or 06b

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    ive not had a chain break nor split in Wanna choppa, and thats had some forces on it. Although not as powerful as some axe bots, its been ok on 06b. but as you have bought it, consider the 06b if you need to save weight!

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    Well, the driving issue has decide to come back. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fix it back then at Robodojo and with the Loctite blue I used to keep the wheel from sliding off, I had to cut behind the wheel. From the looks from one of it seems a bit worse than last time.

    Luckily I still got some length left on the shaft and if it happens again.

    But now the next problem is this.

    The screw hole doesn't go all the way in, now I have drill bits for metal but I don't have any tools to make a thread to put a screw in.

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    A full tool kit is essential if you wish to be a amateur engineer Sean as apposed to a assembler.

    You can buy a set of Taps and Dies for around £15 and that would suit well for most re threading

    tasks you will encounter.
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    If you have never used Taps and Dies before make sure you lubricate the metal before you

    start cutting the thread-cutting oil or gell is best.

    Only cut in 1/4 turns otherwise you may break the Tap or Die-they are very brittle.

    Oh !-very important-turn back 1/4 turn to break off the swarf

    otherwise the cutter will jam and get too tight to turn.
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