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Thread: Shrapnel - Feather Vert Spinner

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    After testing it out at Colchester I brought Shrapnel to Robodojo for her first proper event; unfortunately about half the full combat feathers pulled out at the last minute but there were still enough for a few fights:

    Cancel Culture is a total brick but still hit it hard enough to shear all the bolts holding the baseplate on, and actually bend both layers of 6mm RAEX at the front

    Bacchus managed to snap my big HDPE wedge in half along the front, but when we went weapon to weapon I definitely came off better

    Took a chunk out of the 8mm RAEX bar, which is now also bent beyond use

    Drive-By was only in to make up the numbers but it was still my longest fight, at 14 seconds. My favourite part is where he tries to push me but just wheelspins, god bless magnets and sander wheels

    First place at her first proper event! I'm very proud of her performance and super happy with both the drive and the weapon. Here she is with Panda, the sportsman winner

    She'll be doing Maidstone in a couple of weeks, and then the November Dojo after that, hopefully to rack up a second win, I'm going for top of the league table this year!
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