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Thread: Shrapnel - Feather Vert Spinner

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    Hi all, thought I'd do a build diary for the spinner I'm building for Insomnia, Shrapnel, inspired by Big Ripto from the US:

    I've been gathering parts for a while and the majority of the build started last week. I had aimed to have her driving by now but unfortunately various parts didn't arrive or were the wrong parts so that'll have to wait until the right parts arrive. However I did make a start on the chassis by tach welding the chassis ready to be properly welded this week:

    And opening up the slightly undersized mounting holes on the disc:

    I also made a start on the drive system by endtapping two silver steel shafts for the rear wheels, and drilling and tapping the wheels to fit the 3D printed nylon pulleys:

    Also pressed bearings into the 25mm bore of the rear wheels and fitted the printed hubs to the thinner front wheels and keyed them to the assembled drive motors:

    From here, once the remaining parts arrive and the welding is done it should be a matter of bolting everything in place and wiring it up, drive and weapons test videos by next week sometime ready to fight at Insomnia!

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    Team Kaizen

    Looks very neat so far, well done! What sort of metal are you using here for the armour and weapon?
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    Armour is all 4mm Hardox 500, weapon is the same material, 10mm

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    Whoa! Looking good so far! Cant wait to see the paintjob if its anything like the CAD.

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    Cheers! It will look like that irl, the patterns getting made into a stencil to spray paint in metallic bronze

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    Took the chassis down to a local welder to get it all welded up:

    And started work on the nylon hub for the disc:

    Getting there!

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    Looking great man. What motor will you use to drive the disk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
    Looking great man. What motor will you use to drive the disk?
    Its an NTM 600 size heli motor, 1220kv and 3kw at 6S. Gearing it down 5:1 for 5500rpm on the disc; I was lucky enough to pick up two for £30 just before they were discontinued!

    Finished off the hub today:

    Bit rough but I don't have a mill so sue me :P
    Fits nicely on the disc, still got a cover to make for the bearing to sit in but the material is 3mm oversized and I'm struggling to find a way of taking it down to the right thickness

    Also finished the lid and baseplate, 2mm carbon fiber:

    Will start wiring it up tomorrow if I have time, if not will be Tuesday for a drive test. Belts I have are also a bit loose so waiting on shorter ones to arrive but the loose ones will work ok for tests
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    That is looking phenomenal. I especially love the graphics that you've done for it all. How much does it weigh currently?

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