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Thread: Alternative robot combat contest

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    I saw this Robot combat video whilst browsing You tube-
    looks like fun and would probably suit some newbies
    on a empty pop bottle and old plimsole budget

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    Theo's Avatar

    They actually held Hebocon again earlier this year. It's fair to say it's a far cry from Robot Wars, but I'm glad team nuts showed up. Tthat seems right up their alley, no offence.

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    I do think you will have a great edge. Just enter a brick, it's what I'm going to do.

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    The inanimate Pingu (coke can) did appear to win the competition so your
    probably right Theo-a brick may be the answer, but how long before they
    all start using a brick eh?-more like a monty python sketch than a valid
    rubbish robot competition.

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    Also if you're looking for more videos of Hebocon, you have to watch this one from Japan, it's up there with some of my favourite videos on the internet:

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    I love everything about this.

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