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Thread: Electric Axe featherweight - first build of FW

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    On my way back from Manchester today after seeing the Spice Girls! Woop, I made a detour to a Wilko to get a bike tyre. My initial thought about those cheaper brand tyres are that they seem to be more plastic that rubber, so have a higher shore and less grip. Anyway, I went into town the store, and it was one of those smaller stores that have smaller range of stock and no bike tyres! Got some grass seed so that’s good.

    A quick google and a Halfords was 4 minutes away so popped into there and yay, 4 tyres! 2 super slick road bikes, maybe not as useful, one mountain bike with no knobbly bikes, and one good tyre that seems to have been slashed by a disgruntled motorist... anyway, I now have 2 out of 6 useful tyres so this week I will be making some new lighter wheels.

    Had a lovely chat to the store assistant too about combat robots and said the touring events will be around the north area And to check out extreme robots. She asked about ticket costs as her son would love to see it, so hopefully drumming up some audience too

    I’m also going to try and machine the current wheels down to fit onto the wheel hubs as I have enough weight to play with now so I can use the current wheels with the new hubs should I not have enough grip.

    Thank you to Halfords Eastleigh and Manchester! And Eastleigh Tip

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    Really need to update the progress of the bot since ER Guildford where i had the pleasure of testing out the new higher powered arena floor flipper.

    The outcome of which was 2 broken plastic tabs i added recently before, that supported the output shaft of the drive gearboxes. i think they saved the motors from sever damage.

    It also broke one of the brushes inside the motor.

    The axe became bent and a wheel screw came loose.

    Other than that i was ready to fight the next battle.

    Since then i have been replacing the motors and the bracket that needed to be.

    Im going to add on some tab claws that stop other robots from just riding over the bot so i can gain control of them.

    Other news, I have made some purchasing of parts for my pneumatic bot. The complete pneumatic setup should be here in a few days.

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    uh oh... just taken delivery of 3 paintball tanks for my pneumatic build....
    1 more in the post this afternoon!

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    Is that going to be a flipper or a pneumatic axe? Exciting times either way!

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    Wow, whats been happening?
    Well, firstly i had to get the bot ready for Maidstone.
    My first time at this location, and sadly i wasn't for long!

    I was going to see a comedian on the Sunday so i could only go for the Saturday, which would have been a good thing considering.
    Things i had to do for the arrivial... Needed to recheck myweight. I wasnt happy that i cannot self right with my axe. Something i originally wanted to happen, the basis for the whole design. I thought i got there when i was in Guildford, but after reviewing the videos, i was actually helped by the arena side wall.
    Anyway, i realised that, after some testing, i didn't have enough power in my axe motor to get it to pass COG with such a huge weight of hardox on the wedge. Each panel is 1kg, Including the side plates that are from hardox, the 150 watt motor and chain reduction doesn't give enough torque.
    I wanted to look into HDPE wedges with some hardox bottom sections to get that initial scoop.
    As usual, i didn't have the time and it was soon Maidstone time.

    Managed to repaint and rebuild the bot, this time, surprisingly i was ready 2 days before i had to go. Then i heard Neon was going... I will admit, i wasn't fully aware of Neons capabilities, so that was probably a good thing. On my arrival, i met Niall and Will (Go team Battenburg) and set to my table. It was very small in those pits, i ended being in the changing room by the back doors and welding/gassing area, but close to the tea and coffee!
    Had a look around and found CSB and Neon, Lovely machines.

    Then it got to the Fight. Lining up in the pits, i met Shrapnel, a V disk spinner, i had to take a closer look at that leading edge on the wedge... Wow, its like it has been machine ground, perfectly running along the floor.

    Turned out, i was lucky and didn't meet Neon initially, but rather Shrapnel. 30 seconds into the fight, i face off Shrapnel. The leading edge lifts me up directly into the disk and BAM! i cant work out if i did 8 360 back flips as the video doesn't show the height of my flight, but yeah, Bam! I land on my wheels and sit there. I don't have control. My light is on, but no one is home.
    As the fight continues Neon drives into my front wedge on the left hand side. I think a mix of the speed of his blade and the speed of which he is moving forward just ricochets him off the wedge and makes him launch up and over my bot. I don't move. PHEW!

    The battle over, i get my bot passed to me and its evident what happened.
    The left side wedges leading edge has a huge 3mm Hardox curl and gash through it. Buckling the flat plate like a sail blown in the wind.
    Closer inspection the energy in the disk curled the hardox, bent the aluminium rib that runs through the centre on the bot (a weak point) bends the aluminium nut bar on the farthest left side and has ripped apart the HDPE panel that fixes onto the side.

    What was surprising was the amount of damage done by neons launch... Nothing! no cuts to the wedge at all, just some scuffing on the wedge plate. Even the tape is still there. maybe i missed something, maybe the speed was too fast to bite into something?

    What was more worrying is this is the i=side with the battery, ESC's and RX in. Why did it stop? Power light was still on, but it turned out the force of it ripped out all the RX leads from the receiver, meaning i had no control.

    The amount of damage to repair before the next show was so much, that i couldn't repair reliably - as all my expensive bits were on that side, that i couldn't rely on going against Shrapnel again without rising ESC and battery damage. so, i decided to sit it out and make anew for Cheltenham. Thanks for the offer of HDPE Will Caddy!

    So now i prepare for Cheltenham.

    What do i need to do:
    Make new HDPE panels, that dont have to me machined out to save weight.
    Make a new Hardox wedge.
    Reinforce the leading edge of the wedge (weld 2 pieces together - double thickness)
    Lighten the axe arm, so that i can save weight.
    Perhaps look at Brushless axe weapon to save weight. Current motor is 1.5kg! brushless is 500g

    Pictures to be added soon. Just a text update now.

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    Extreme Robots Cheltenham post event review...

    This sums it up...





    Repeat for day 2

    Seriously, I will give review analysis tomorrow...

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