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Thread: Electric Axe featherweight - first build of FW

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    I just pulled into the car park for roboteers only. Since there was a guard at the gate, only roboteers and pit crew were allowed through so it wasn't much of an issue. There was a briefing at about 11, just before tech checks. I'm not sure what it's like at the normal leisure centres, but I think anyone who comes in through the back is assumed to be a roboteer.

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    Hi Nat, nice detailed write up, it's Al with the crusher. I hear what you are saying about turning up to an event for the first time, it can feel a little like not having any idea what you are supposed to be doing, but you soon get the hang of it. I've noticed all the staff and roboteers keep an eye out for each other and their belongings for the newbies and veterans alike. Likewise I've found if you need anything it's best to just ask the staff members, despite being busy, they have always been very helpful.
    I don't know I've you have pinned the gearbox on your other drive motor yet, but if not, wrapping the pins with duct tape or a tie wrap has worked well for a few people, myself included. Thanks for letting me grab the couple of pictures!

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    As a side note, just seen the email from John regarding Guildford. Thank you for including information about the safety briefing time and expanding on no booking desk much appreciated

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    So, it is with bit of excitement that i get to say Wanna Chopper is attending Cheltenham this weekend.

    Ive started the upgrades from Portsmouth already but failed to update this post!

    some of the things i have been looking at is running 5S battery, to gain speed and more pace with the speed of the axe. I did get a smaller 12v scooter motor from a car boot sale, but i feel the lower wattage is not going to work as it is a 2 stage gearbox and low gearing to boot. I did look into going for my gears instead of the chain drive which means i could shorten the length of the bot to accomodate the smaller gearbox area required, but this is looking more like a complete rebuild and therefore not worth it for this.
    Visually the axe looks good as is so i shall leave that.

    The head of the axe on the return was the same as the axe head on the front allowing for reverse attack hits. Sadly the shape of the axe head on the reverse meant it actually just hit the floor and ended up bending over the tip. I have decided to blunted this end meaning a slight weight saving but it no longer returns onto the floor. Less weight at the tip for the motor to swing too. I do still feel the arm size is still too chunky, may look at this tomorrow.

    Im not happy with how the front wedge is mounted. The bolts do not fully line up with the bar behind so in the end only 30% of the bolts fitted. which was ok, but now there are more disks in the arena, i want that security. Im going to machine some more mounting bars and use the front plates to align the holes to then drill and tap the mounting holes into. This should make everything align up nicely.
    The front wedge plate also retains the electronics and battery from flying out, so i need to find a retaining thing to hold it all in if it were to be taken off.

    I want to also add hardox onto the top to stop AL and his crusher from attacking my battery/motor again.
    The problem is thiat the weight of the extra panels is 600g, and i only have 200g spare. Need to think and get weighing correctly. I know im using heavy wheels, and could machine some new HDPE ones, but this may be too soon to the event to consider modifying these now.

    I also still need to put grub screws into my motors, im happy with how they operate, just need to locktite and grub them up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roboteernat View Post
    I want to also add hardox onto the top to stop AL and his crusher from attacking my battery/motor again.
    I wouldn't worry, it's currently in a box, in bits, in my shed.

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    Oh no! Has it broken or was it disassembled for modification? I really do like your machine!

    So I have the bot a weigh on the work scales, and sadly the additional plates I’ve added have tipped it over to 13.7kg. I could potentially loose 2 plates on HDPE on the top which sit where the upper hardox plates covers, but these HDPE parts are also structural for the sides. Not sure I would be happy to loose these.
    The hardox should be capable to support it however.

    On looking closer at the gearboxes, it seems that the casing clip has snapped leading to some sideways movement due to the weight of the robot. Will put in some new motor mounts and tighten up this fitting to hold the gearbox fully.

    Hopefully with a few mods I can get the weight back down. I’m surprised at how light other people’s bots are considering what is in it. I am using 4kg of hardox mind.......
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    Not broken, just time for it to donate some parts to a new version over the winter.

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    So its been a few months since the last update from Cheltenham and time to get it out and do some refurbishing in time for Portsmouth. I need to be fighting ready for the FW rumble as my 7 yr old Nephew is going to watch - he came last year on the promise of being able to buy tickets on the door, but when they arrived, all tickets sold out. So this year he will be watching, acompanied with my younger brother

    So, about a month ago i took the bot out for a drive around the road when, 3 minutes into the drive, one wheel locked up and wouldnt drive or rotate at all.
    Now, i have actually got on to take the gearbox apart and found that one of the metal teeth had sheared off and become locked in place disabling the gearbox.
    Whilst there is still some tooth remaining, it means it is very unreliable and a weak point, therefore im going to have to swap it and replace the gearbox with anew.

    This is tonights job.

    Then i need to reweigh the bot and see if it is still within allowed weight limits. Im hoping after this event, i will then be confident enough to have a go at 1:1 battle.

    I yet to be attached by a spinning disk bot so still unsure how well it will fair with them. My attempt to get hit by Get Shrekt failed as he had drive issues at Cheltenham and i couldn't get round him to be hit by him.

    Note, if you are reading this thinking i have a spinner and will attack him, note my Nephew is seeing show 3, s i hope to have the robot still working by then! Maybe go for it at show 4.

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    SO this past weekend i was able to get my stuff ready for Portsmouth this weekend.

    Had to redo some robot stuff to make it ready to fight so here is what i did.

    The wiring was all squished up into one section of the chassis, meaning the ESC , fuses and RX were all crammed in together. Not much air flow and potential Noise affecting the RX. I was able to rewire the loom and include some XT60 and Y looms meaning i didn't have large junctions of hole crimp connectors attached together using a huge bolt. Hopefully the new layout will give better air flow and be able to secure everything better. The RX has now been moved to above the battery, however i still need to secure this in place with a box/cable ties. It is a bare PCB currently, so i either need to fit a new Rx or print a case for it.

    The wheels seemed to bind on the Hardox back panel section, so a quick go on the angle grinder (right after showing or new neighbour the bot and saying how quiet it is on the street!) i was able to grind down some of the metal to give better clearance fit.

    Oh and i replaced the gearbox with my spare, so both wheels are again working now. I still have a single spare so this should be ok. Just checked, Argos Farlington and comm road in Portsmouth have the Argos drills in stock should anyone need them!

    ***update - each store seem to only have 2 drills in stock!*****

    Finally, i wanted a new paint job. This was overlooked last year as i didn't have time to paint due to getting the bot built and ready to go. I chose a lovely colour scheme which coincidentally matches the colour scheme of my HW robot, Yellow, black and red with silver footplate.

    One thing I failed to realise, is the paint was still tacky after a few hours, so when I painted the bottom, the wedge stuck to the newspaper....

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    Team Kaizen

    Good good, looking forwards to seeing it at EXR Portsmouth.
    Team Kaizen - Build Diary for all the robots

    AW: Amai, Ikari, Lafiel, Osu, Ramu
    BW: Shu!, The Honey Badger
    FW: Azriel
    MW: Jibril, Kaizen

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