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Thread: Team Shakey Robots

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    Armed with a 3d printer, CNC router and years of roboteering experience Team Shakey is able to offer a range of both ready to run robots.

    Ready To Run Antweights

    Team Shakey is proud to offer a selection of 'Ready To Run' antweight to help get you started in the antweight class and the hobby as a whole. Currently offered is a powerful flipper, versatile Axe and an agile pusher. Made with strong 3d printed chassis with polycarbonate armour, high quality components and careful effective designs they are capable of holding their own in the arena.

    For more information, pricing and ordering please visit my store:

    Nuts And Bots Store

    Whether you're an already experienced roboteer looking into Antweights or a new comer looking to get started these Ants provide a great route in.
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    Are these fully compliant with the current regulations and competitions that exist? I note that you offer a LiPo charge bag, so I am guessing the bot is just as compliant, but it's always better to check these things.

    They're certainly very neat professional looking things, and decent pricing. So after I've bought all I need for the feather & heavy i'm working on, I'll probably save the time and skip to just buying a predone one for the ant range, as these seem more than up for the job of being plonked straight into a combat situation.

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    They are fully Antweight World Series compliant (R101 ruleset, the set used for all ant competitions in the UK).

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