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Thread: XT60 vs XT90 Soldering Tips

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    Hello everyone,

    I am just getting to the point where i am soldering all of my connectors and getting a test bench running but I have a few questions about soldering and connectors.

    I ordered both XT60 and XT90 connectors becuase I wanted to create a removable link from the XT90s and wire up the main parts with XT60s. I have hit a few problems though, I am using 10AWG wire for the main electronics and 12AWG for the motor wiring.

    I am really struggling to solder the larger wires to the XT60 connectors due to the wire not actually being able to fit properly in the connector cups. I am using an Antex 80w iron and got some flux core solder. I have watched every single video i can find on soldering these connectors and they make it look easy lol Would you guys have any tips (no pun intended lol)?

    The other thing is the XT90 connectors suit the wire size a lot better. Am I trying to use too smaller connectors? I have seen so many tutorials where they have no problems with the XT60s. Would you recommend persevering with the XT60s or maybe switch to the XT90s for all the connections to make life a little easier? I don't think they will effect weight of the robot to much but again I am open to any feedback .

    Any suggestions or feedback is very much appreciated because I cannot wait to get it running xD

    Thanks again!


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    i take it your tinning both end, tbh just practice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxamuslead View Post
    i take it your tinning both end, tbh just practice
    Thanks for the reply

    Yea I am both ends, just really fiddly! Do you think it matters if the wire isn't fully into the cup part of the connector? Because i am able to get them in the open part fine, just struggle to fit the wire all the way into the cup.

    Thanks again

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