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Thread: Team Thunder- Theta (FW) 2WD rambot

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    Okay thanks

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    I'm having a lot of problems with the pinion gear welds on this robot breaking where if i go above about 50% motor power the welds just give up (pictures below). The first thing I tried was to drill out the grub screw and re weld it as a second point of contact which didn't help at all. I then realised my welds were probably really crappy and took the motors to get re welded professionally which again didn't help.
    I was wondering if people have a different technique when attaching pinion gears?
    or if the motors I'm using are purely just too powerful?
    Thanks a bunch
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    It could be problems with the axle of the motors themselves, as they look a little mauled, if they're just breaking off. If I was to make a small suggestion, try getting them keyed, or replace the axles if that's even possible.

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    Those shafts are too small to be keyed, and the welds won't be holding because they probably won't be getting good enough penetration. Best bet would be to file (or angle grind, file could take a while!) a flat on each shaft so that the grub screw has a better surface to grab on to, but then also use some fast setting epoxy between the pinion and the shaft at the same time. With the flat on the shaft, there is a little more space for a bonding adhesive to contact both the shaft and the pinion, potentially leading to a stronger and suitable joint.

    EDIT: misread that you drilled out the grub screw. If it's possible to tap the pinion for a bigger one, fine. If not, maybe not file a flat on the shafts, just rough them up a bit and use the epoxy. The rough surface will provide a better surface for bonding. The epoxy will also flow into the hole where the grub screw was so would give an extra contact point.
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    okay thanks! will be definitely doing this asap @RogueTwoRobots and hopefully competing very soon

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