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Thread: Shell Spinner

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    The biggest thing with a FBS is figuring out how to fit the link into the machine so that it can be removed while the shell is spinning.

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    A Blendo style system where it breaks halfway through? I'd assume that would be safer, right? In all seriousness, the top would probably be the safest place because that won't spin, and it can hold a convenient flag to show which direction. I don't really think anywhere else would be safe.

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    Well, there's one of typhoon 2 (if that's what you mean by sell spinner) on the RWars wiki. American websites tend to not include photos of the technical aspects of the robots, though I think there's one of megabyte (or it could just be a CAD). Are you a member of team Ace by any chance?

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    Here you go. One of the most complex machines to ever grace the robot wars arena.

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    Is there a minimum rotation speed for a Melty brain?

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