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Thread: Melty Brain

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    Has anyone built a HW melty brain or in fact anyone with a FW in the U.K. that works? I'm going to buy the kit to have a play around and see what RPM it can function at, I think some of the IMU mem devices are even better now. Also the brushless rotax 50cc and bog standard controllers suit the uni-directional constraints

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    I believe Team Nuts use melty brain tech in Nuts 2, so you might want to ask them.

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    I experimented using the open source melty brain website to make a featherweight a while back. I got it to the stage of being able to move around but university exams took over and I didn't have time to fine tune the logic on the test platform before installing it in a chassis.

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    That looks good, like the transition from 2wd to melty as well.

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    Are you also running the Orangutan B-328 and ADXL193?

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    We looked at open melt but decided it wasn't really suitable for what we needed, so we made a custom PCB with all the required parts on one board, and Gareth wrote all the code from scratch.

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    Is there a minimum rotation speed for a Melty brain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prophet Of Doom View Post
    Is there a minimum rotation speed for a Melty brain?

    I'm not sure if it counts but knightrous mentions a 2 wheel melty being capable of 100rpm translation, a single wheel however appears to need to spin faster

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