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Thread: Brand new heavy.

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    Well, at Robogames this year Last Rites bent 1" thick AR400 which is essentially hardox... so either way if you're wanting to fight spinners you'll take insane damage at some point. I'd certainly go the shock absorption route but I'd probably go for something like a full 5-6mm hardox chassis and then maybe 15-20mm HDPE all over, maybe even more where you can afford the weight. If you're only doing non-spinner live events 4mm hardox should be near enough bulletproof for most things you'll fight, and stick a bit of HDPE on top for fighting the nasty axes like like Thor, Gabriel and Terrorhurtz

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    The first question that comes to mind, are you wanting to try and enter the TV show with your bot or stick to live events?

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    Imho very very unlikely to get on tv with a wedge unless your team has an angle or it's a walker wedge......

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    Rambots generally are considered 'boring' by the producers. There isn't a 'wow' factor when they come onto the arena with an active weapon spinning, hitting, etc. Storm 2 was rather infamously hit with a bit of controversy from producers after perceived bias against it due to this. An article about that is written here; - it's a rather good read, but i just love reading up on everything...

    Don't let that put you off though, if you look the part, even with just an amazingly artistic paintjob or something, that'll improve your chances. It's probably a case of, they won't put more than 1 or 2 of that specific type in a series on TV, and give more to the more 'impressive' flippers & spinners, but if you can make a name for yourself or even just look the part, you'll probably have just as much chance as any other to get on there.

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