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Thread: Project Squirrel

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    So I was just checking the drills in question... and they don't get them restocked in my area until the start of July... Which means I either...

    A) Wait for a month which, although wouldn't be too bad, makes things a little frustrating.
    B) I splash out a little more and go for this particular drill [LINK]... which I'm not sure if it's a decent drill or not for this kind of application.

    Thoughts or advice?

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    I personally don't think it's worth it for only a 10V rated motor. I would have a look on eBay for much cheaper cordless drills.

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    Ah. Right. Thank you Rory. Well... I found another drill, taking into consideration your advice. It's from Terratek. Now I'm not so sure about this one as well, but it looks promising... then again, I said that to the last one and I overlooked it being 10v. This one's 18v at least, I made sure to check it but I'd love another second opinion on this particular drill from Ebay. [LINK] Or would there be a better alternative, and if so, is it possible to get a link to it?

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    That one would probably work, though it's still a tad pricey. The ones I bought don't seem to be on eBay any more, but this one is similar, and £10 cheaper than the alternative. I know it looks a bit rubbish, but they all have basically the same motors inside.

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    Thank you, those are on my list of things to buy.

    Now I just need to wait for Rory Mangles to get back to me so I can buy the two ESCs from him.

    EDIT: The alternative ESCs would be the Sabertooth Dual 12A's. I have heard that they're a bit hit and miss but it would be a decent alternative if I can't get some FeatherTwos.
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    Alright, so drills, HDPE, a Sabertooth Dual 12A for movement and a Botbitz 85a V2 for the weapon ordered... I know where to get an RC, and now I just need some connectors, screws and batteries. And a soldering iron.

    Question is... should I go for some ec3 or ec5 connectors to connect all my wiring together? And what thickness of wiring would be the best? 12 awg? 14 awg?

    Also, on another side note... which side of the battery should the safety link go on? The + or the -? It's been a while since I've done any wiring of the sort.

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    The ready made fuses sold by Gimson go on the red side, so my money is on + .

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    i had asking which side to mount the Link as well, it doesn't matter but people prefer on the positive side

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    Oh boy...

    So, I got the Botbitz ESC, the Sabertooth ESC and the drills in. Just waiting on the HDPE to come in. But (here it comes), I've looked at the little sheet that comes with the sabertooth, and although it says on the technobots website that it's good for 30lb combat robots, on the little sheet, it says at least half of that. This is the thing I'm talking about. Did I make a big mistake buying this? Or is it suitable for what I want to do, which is power two motors for the movement of the robot?

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    Forgot to add on here, thank you for the help on the safety link Steve and Mark. It's very much going to go on the positive side.

    And the reason why I ask this now about the ESC is that it looks a little small, considering what it needs to do.

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