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Thread: 300A VESC in the works, feature suggestions wanted

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    Oh no... 50ns... how ever will you cope...

    *looks at his 1000ns rise times and cries*

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    Lol, the majority of shiity Hobbyking-breed ESCs are like 5us, so you're orders of magnitude better than the average!

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    Ellis, I have a secret for you. The semi indestructable Tz85's, are basic "el cheapo Hobbyking ESC's".

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    Logic boards are done and shipped on Wednesday so should be here sometime next week.

    I have had very little time to work on this the last few weeks with 2 weddings! So should make some better progress this week.

    My plan is to have it running a small motor by the end of the week and gradually increase the size until I get it to run the 150cc rotomax.

    We have also decided to redesign Triforce slightly and will be using the 50cc rotomax for our drive. This means Triforce will be running 4 of these speed controllers when we apply for next series! So should be a good test for them if we get on

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    Turns out I had another error in my spreadsheet so in actual fact this controller should handle 450A 16s just fine which puts it peak output at over 30kW lol. Talk about overkill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechAUmNu View Post
    Talk about overkill.
    best type of kill

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    It seems I want to try one.

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    Managed to get round to working on it some more tonight. I found out I don't have any wire thin enough to solder onto the tiny pads on the vesc so I just wrote some simple bldc commutation code for arduino to see if it worked.

    One thing I figured out is that I need a bigger powersupply lol.

    With a slow ramp up it does get reasonably fast.

    I also settled on calling it the A450S
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    Logic boards arrived. 40 is quite a lot...
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