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Thread: 300A VESC in the works, feature suggestions wanted

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    Thanks Leonard
    I took a few days to go over all the settings and make some improvements to the board for 18S, such as 3 additional capacitors on the output side. Now the inductance to the bulk caps is similar throughout the board. Although I am only adding them for people I know to be using 18S.

    Also found the swdio and swclk pins the the debug connector are swapped which had me puling my hair out for a while!

    I will be assembling all the V1.2 units and testing them (without explosions...) over the weekend. They should be shipped out next week if all goes well.

    Can't wait to show you all how it looks now!

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    Eagerly awaiting the units.

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    All the units will be shipped on Wednesday as I need to order more capacitors to put the extra ones on.

    I spent the whole day testing at 12S, I seem to be saturating the Revolt160sh at 140A and losing tracking, which I now believe is why it blew up last time. My advice for all the folks running 18S is to test at 12S to get the settings correct and make sure it runs perfectly before switching to 18S. For the mean time I would not go over 80A motor current at 18S while I do more investigation.

    Hall sensors seem to be fine as long as you make the switch over to sensorless as early as possible. For the 160sh this is about 1000ERPM.

    12S seems to be very safe, all day I was slamming the motor to a stop at 130A and losing tracking etc with no issues.

    The battery current reads half what it should read. So set your battery limits to 50% of what you actually want.

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    So, for the time being, 6kw seems a limit.

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    Did more testing today, with some help from the other thread over on vesc forum ( it turned out to be an issue with the current shunts reading the wrong current. So that explosion at 164A before was actually more like 300A!

    I can now run 200A without a heatsink for quite a while (ran for 20s and it went 30oC) so its looking great now. What a difference 1 day makes lol.

    Been assembling the boards with capacitors and battery leads. Just waiting on the motor cable arriving now.
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    Here is the first finished controller

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    Yes, it's an inverter so battery current is normally significantly lower than motor current unless you spend all your time at 100% duty 200A which I rather doubt. Ec5 is good for 120A continuous battery current. You can put something bigger on if you want.
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    OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiney

    Well done, its been nice to see this from inception through to the first final production board

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