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Thread: 300A VESC in the works, feature suggestions wanted

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    I did send one to be tested. Curious...

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    I have been using the ebike throttle that maddox sent for all my testing. Should I make a video showing how to set it up?

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    Please do.

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    OK will make one shortly then.

    The fab finished the first board and it passes the functional tests I sent them. (Without a motor) Which checks that everything is connected properly and working. So I am pretty confident they will work when I get them back.

    Here are the photos, it is so much cleaner than the ones I put together!

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    The boards have now finished being assembled by the fab and are on their way to me! All the other parts have arrived so I will be doing final testing this weekend.

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    Have now tested at the max current my power supply can manage. Just waiting on the lipo to charge! 15250175495464683023867277125354.jpg

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    During my testing yesterday I put the wrong settings on the board and managed to blow it up on the switch from Hall sensors to sensorless. Also had 0A regen which was stupid. So on the switchover it probably slammed the motor to a stop causing arcs across the current shunt amplifiers and then tracked around the board to the mosfets. The spike was over 120v as the gate drivers also exploded. It was doing 45% duty 164A @ 18S when it hit the magic 8000 ERPM, it was quite spectacular! I will double check everything in the configuration this time before I go through all my spares.

    So my advice at the moment is not to use Hall sensors at high current! As the switchover is extremely violent. The best way to use them is to aid startup of the motor and switch to sensorless as soon as the motor is turning. I have changed the default hall sensor ERPM settings down significantly.
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