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Thread: Drilling hard steels

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    Right, I have just collected my steel that I will be using to make a hydraulic jaw thingy.

    It is EN24T, which I am told is high strength steel. I will be putting lots of compression and tension through the stuff so here's hoping it will be strong enough.

    The question is; How do I drill it as I want to make about 20mm holes through to have spindles/axals for the press thingy.

    The internet has suggested using masonry bits sharpened if they wre tungsten tipped.

    Will this work?

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    What diameter hole you need?
    just seen..
    have the perfect thing... 2 secs

    edit 2

    this bit... Tungsten Carbide Tipped 20mm hole saw.

    May need to pilot it with the 5.5mm bosh:

    drilled like this to keep permanently lubed and cool.

    drill slow
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattLampitt View Post

    drilled like this to keep permanently lubed and cool.

    drill slow
    Oh dear god! Hold the drill steady! Who else cringed watching the glass get scratched by a wandering drill?

    Remember when drilling anything it's about speeds, when turning on lathe or milling its speeds and feeds.

    Also use some cutting fluid as apposed to water with metal, as the oils lubricate the drill and stop the metal sticking to the tips of the drill flutes.
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    Oh yeah... I forgot to mention use oil and put in pillar drill instead hahahah .

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