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Thread: Clarification on power and tethering.

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    I'm ready to build my FW now, but I have four questions about the rules. Does the removable link need to disconnect both positive and negative, or just one, if so, which one? Do I need a switch as well as a link? Do I need a separate switch/link for the lifter (it's not pneumatic)? Lastly, it's a 360⁰ degree lifter, so how do I satisfy the rule on tethering it with a chain? Thanks.

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    1) It needs to simply break the circuit. I believe positive is the recommended side to break the circuit on.
    2) No, you do not need a switch as well as the link - it would also be redundant as the link must be done last
    3) No, if your using a common power supply throughout the whole robot you will only need 1 link. Separated power sources may require seperate links.
    4) You need to lock the lifter in one position with a bar. The bar must prevent any movement of the weaponry, however each case is unique in regards to how this is achieved. The bar must be removable without touching the robot, or getting close to active components.
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    Thanks, I meant the rule that flippers have to be tethered to the robot by a chain, and what to do with a 360 lifter. I'm guessing that doesn't apply to it. Thanks anyways.

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    Can you give me the rule by its reference number (ie 1.7), or via quoting it?

    Flippers dont need a chain, however note a 360 design is more likely to be regarded a lifter than a true flipper - and thus may not be regarded as high speed. This would be for clarification with the EO, however in most cases for designs using components like you will likely be using, they are not considered flippers.

    True flippers will near always have two attachment points, the hinge itself and the recoil retention (Ie Bungees or the ram itself).
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    The only weapon that needs a tether that I can think of is an axe, and that's to stop them flying off in the event that the axe head or arm breaks off, since axes are fast-firing weapons. A slow electric lifter doesn't need a tether.

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    what would class a tether on axe style weapon?

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    I might point out that projectiles need a tether, even though nobody uses them.

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    Notice the chain on the axe head? - look around at other axe heads and youll notice they all have some form of wire connecting them to the shaft.
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    Another follow up question, would I be able to use Tamiya connectors for the removable link? They seem to be good for the job, as they have a small lock on them so it won't fall out. Or would that be against the rules?

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