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Thread: Argos 12v Simple Value Drill Motor Mounts

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    Argos 12v simple value drill motor mounts
    I have designed a set of mounts for the 12v argos simple value drillmotors available here:

    More detail on the motors is available here:

    While the drillmotors are an excellent form of drive the updated design no longer secures the motor and gearbox together independently of the drill casing. Essentially they rely on a rotating lock to keep them connected. These milled mounts lock the motor and the gearbox in place preventing them from separating.

    They are milled from 15mm HDPE and incorporate M5 threads and a locking pattern for the drill motors.

    Weight of mounts: ~60g (per pair)
    Weight with motor: ~500g
    Thread: M5
    Thread Depth: 19mm (Approx)
    Bolt spacing: 30mmx52.5mm

    Please note I am only providing mounts, you must purchase the motors directly from argos.

    Purchasing: Please head over to my webstore here,

    Sorry but for the time being these are no longer available

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    Hello Shakey,

    Do you know if these fit the Argos 14.4V too? Don't have any measuring calipers to get accurate measurements. But I can give it a go with a clamp and a ruler, if you don't already know the answer.

    Part numbering is as follows:

    Visually they look identical


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    I've had a glance at the 14.4v ones but have never bought one to take a look inside. My gut feeling is that they're probably fine, but I'd want to take a look at some pictures of the motor + gearbox first with some measurements before I confirm that.

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    Please find attached some pictures of the 14.4V Argos Drill motor - so you check if compatible


    Hope this helps!

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    That moulding looks to be the same then with an additional hammer gearbox fitted. does it look like that beige and black lump can come off the gearbox with the knobbly bits? See image attached. Does it look like it could split here? Has it been moulded into a single piece?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    If as Roboteernat says that bit above the line comes off it should be alright, looks like the same gearbox below that.

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    they look good

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    Are these still being sold? They don't appear to be on the webstore right now.

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    Garfie bought all of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by callumhoy View Post
    Are these still being sold? They don't appear to be on the webstore right now.
    Not at the moment, I moved and no longer have the tooling required to complete their manufacture.

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