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Thread: Looking for advice/builders around the birmingham/midlands area

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    New to the hobby on a large scale and would love to pick someones brain, i dont mind travelling, and am looking at attendng a few events, so a possible car/van share if anyone wanted to jump in from the local areas.

    ive linked my heavy weight thread just incase you wanted to get a gauge for my build aspirations and situation

    look forward to hearing from someone...


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    It seems to me that the best place to get advice and pointers from fellow roboteers is at live events, many are eager to help and will chat with you about what went into building their robot. It also gives you a good grasp of the scale and shape of the parts on a heavyweight, which is important if you've never seen one in real life before. I thought I had grasped how big they were, and then I went to an event; it's quite different seeing them in front of you. There's Extreme Robots in Manchester at the end of April, and Robots Live in Grantham on the 1st of July. Try going along to one of those.

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    Robots Live are usually at the Comic Con at the NEC, they were there just a couple of weekend ago I think. Might not be back until November but those events are on a very informal level so plenty of time to meet/chat to the roboteers and ask for a look at some machines. A lot of featherweight builders have heavies too so can offer advice, and Robo Challenge also occasionally host events at the NEC for the feather championships; used to be part of the Gadget Show Live but now it would be Insomnia Gaming Festival. They won't be at the April one but there's another in August they might be at.

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    Yeah cheers guys will definitely be at the manchester event later this month! i have seen them first hand at not last years november but the year before november McM, its what started my little boys obsession

    look forward to seeing you hopefully in an arena soon!

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