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Thread: New Heavy

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    I went to a live event and ended up helping repair and load / unload make safe and arm the Bots. I was offered to drive, but the setup on the controller really didn't make it easy for me so i passed after a quick go.

    I would recommend getting yourself down to a live event and seeing what "really" happens are what you think might be going on at an event.

    My own bot has benefited from this day with ring side seats and pit work. I've changed a few failure points, and now seen a working set up. So on return i have a lot of enthusiasm and got my own HW up and running and tested for the drive train.

    Its works, its starts, stops, and most importantly steers !!

    The Bot cuts out with loss of signal and Safety Link does exactly what it should but won't fall out.

    I have tested several areas i had concerns over an fixed a couple unexpected weakneses.

    Now its time to start the weapon build and get testing.

    I shall pop some images up as soon as i figure out a place to host.

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    So its mocked up with a removable drive train via 8 bolts. The whole thing comes out in one piece for easy maintenance. Running on Pallet truck heavy duty alloy wheels.

    The batteries are spare motorcycle 12v i had lying around, but i have lipos ready to go when i am ready.

    The drive is 2x scooter gearbox 24v left and right, with a mixer speed controller. Works really well and really easy to control.

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    Looking good! What's the weapon?

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    Oh sorry i forgot that !!

    Its a donated part from Hardox, its on loan between both my bots, i'm using this as a learning curve so its most likely going home in a bin liner !!


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    In the pictures you will notice nothing is parallel or square, thats all been sorted now, but was simply because everything was put in with only 2 fixings and no structure really in place while i finalised my locations for parts etc... The first test drive it all moved and twisted.
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    Ok so its been a very long year for me.. House fire has taken over all my spare time since june july, only 2 weeks i'll be in my new house and i can concentrate on this bot.

    I was going to post up some new pictures, but there isn't much thats change, but here is the revise weapon, coming in at

    16kilos.. with a chain drive rated for 9,000lbs of strain..... 20170529_202143.jpg

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    Gladly mate, i'll pop on up to yours, i have that 2nd chassis still and plans for it look promising

    This chassis i'll take to a live event with you if your up for it and see what that quad blade does to itself !

    Quote Originally Posted by ACE Robotics View Post
    Glad to hear your back , give me a shout we will have to catch up one weekend

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