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Thread: Fuses for LIPOs on Featherweights

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    Maxi Blade Fuse, available in all good motor stores - and some bad ones too :P

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    For higher ampere values , car audio shops are the place to look.

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    I forgot the fuse and stupidly bought the really chunky and heavy mega fuse. Are these the Maxi Blades your on about?

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    Continuing using this post to ask another fuse related question.

    I have a 65-130c 3.3A lipo battery for my feather as well as a 35-70c 2.65A lipo both 4s.
    When calculating the fuse rating using the C value, do I use the maximum C rating, resulting in a maximum 429 amp fuse for the first and a maximum 185 amp fuse value for the second?
    In battle I would have to change the fuse accordingly if swapping battery but is this correct?

    How likely is it that if I standardise and fit a 150 or 100 amp fuse that it would blow on the bigger battery.

    Understand that it is to protect the lipo and stop it from drawing max but the minimum 65c rating is higher that the proposed 100 or 150 amp.

    Although I'm great at electronics, can someone just confirm fuse rating regards C please.

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    What are you powering?

    The drives in our featherweights are fused with a 40A bladefuse, using Neptunes or REC gearboxes with 540 motors.

    Kashei uses a primary fuse of 100A , and that has to take the brunt of an NTM5060 380KV motor powering the axe.

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    The motor is running that axe for 3 events now. But as an axe it ain't very effective. As selfrighter it's great.

    Gearratio is about 25 to 1.
    Mod1 gears just shear off on the secundary and tertiary stages. So those are mod2.

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