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Thread: Clarification required on walker rule

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfie489 View Post
    Email this address, its the roboteers specific one
    Not sure how eager / quick to reply they'll be. What with the new series already filmed, and its probably too soon for them to know if it'll be recommissioned. I was present at the filming earlier this month, and Dara did repeatedly ask if they'd be back, with another eliminated competitor saying they'd be back without being prompted. Being a positive person, I'm going to hope that means they know already...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Igor View Post
    As this will start off as a beetleweight, is there an equivalent FRA email address for technical questions? or would a Mentorn ruling cover FRA beetleweight competitions as well.
    The FRA rules state explicitly that it requires 2 degrees of freedom to classify as a walker. If you have any specific questions its best to ask the EO of the event your attending or a recognised Tech Checker.

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