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Thread: Featherweight Wheels

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    I've been looking at this for a while but wondering if there would be a market for us at the college mass producing direct attachment wheels for FWs? With the recent announcement from Robot Wars there might be demand for it. The wheels would be similar to the old Robochallenge Blue Wheels, whereby the screw directly onto a drill motor/Saturn gearbox etc.

    I've been trialing some red ones and have added nut inserts, slightly grippier than the RC wheels but same idea. Is there anything anyone would find particularly useful to be added to them or any suggestions? Is there demand?

    Feedback much appreciated as I know timescales are short so I'd love to get started on them soon if there is demand for them.

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    I'd buy some - not happy with my home grown versions yet. I'd be happy with either threaded wheels or just a hex hole that I could put my own nuts in.

    I was looking at the possibility of milling the appropriate hex shape into any wheel. It seems doable with a reasonably modest rig, but not sure if I want to invest in a milling machine just yet.

    PS Flat Damon is 125-150mm wheels
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    Here are the wheels!

    80mm elastic rubber, very grippy. Slightly more grippy than the old school robochallenge wheels from what I remember for those who remember them. These screw directly on to a drill/saturn/REC motor (pictured) as they have nuts pressed into the centre of the hub. See photos for other dimensions. Price is dependant on demand. Currently at my small batch size (10 wheels) they're looking at £20 a pair posted out to you, but if there is interest (50+ wheels) I can reduce this to around £15 per pair, which I feel is a far better price point. Before anyone complains, at current prices, £20 a pair at your doorstep makes me around £2 for about half an hours work without taking non-consumables into account (hydraulic press etc) which is why I really want to reduce the costs and provide them at a more reasonable rate. So on that note, if anyone wants any if they could post below or PM me (if you have done this already I've taken note) hopefully if we get enough interest I can produce them on mass for a decent price!

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    looks cool,

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    I don't have a way of producing a keyed centre to make them work for saturns otherwise I would do that.

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    Hopefully you'll keep these going for a while. When finances finally get resolved, I might use these for my featherweight plan. If they have a lot of grip, they'll be perfect for the current plan!
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