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Thread: Whitchurch (shropshire) Relay for Life 1st July

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    Doing some charity work with my new feather and wondered if anybody would be interested in joining me.

    The PLAN is to make a feather arena (see H&S forum thread) and have a bash about. Details are still being sorted, I realise its the same weekend as a live event.

    The event is at Dearnford Lake in North Shropshire, located next to Whitchurch. Its a 24hr walking relay for Cancer Research. My wife is on the committee and I offered my robot to help draw in the public. I'm not expecting anybody to partake in walking, just to bring your lovely bots and help raise some money. As I say, details still need sorting and depends if I can make this arena.

    Thank you

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    great, hope to get more than two.!! I'll get asking around the more local bots directly soon. Possibly should have wrote no spinners fighting (if) I can get this arena built. But the more the merrier, even if we just sit there as static displays having photo's taken!. Want to get a marquee to house us all as you cant trust the English weather.

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    If anybody is free and willing to travel. We're now looking at static display for HW and FW. I'm going to build a small Beatle weight size arena. So anybody with Beatles and Ants wishing for a few friendly battles, are more than welcome. Would ask no spinners as the polycarbonate is the expensive bit. All to do with space and ease of access unfortunately.

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