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Thread: Arduino programming - 'single shot' code

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    FYI The website is a good resource for sample Arduino code relating to working with various sensors.

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    Are you essentially trying to build a laser-tag style tin-can alley....

    If so - it's harder than it looks. One of the several companies I work for does laser tag events for kids parties etc - and you'd never believe how hard it was to get a reliable set of laser tag kit that works outdoors!

    If not - please ignore me!

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    So......Most of the laser tag kit you see out and about using a PWM-based signal at 38, 40, or 56kHz (choose your flavour wisely - it *will* affect availability of parts). 38kHz is most common for UK sourcing.

    If you are just using a IR LED and not transmitting any form of modulating signal (just on or off), you *will* get stray signals from the Sun, your nearest fluorescent tube, etc, etc. I've been there and tried this sort of stuff before.

    I do this sort of stuff (partly) for a living: including looking after a fleet of 24 laser tag guns and sensor systems, and fixing laser tag kit for other sites as well.

    Happy to help if you need me to - just ask.

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    As a note - generally, the LEDs don't have a 38kHz modulator.

    The "Industry standard" is to use TSAL6100 LEDs with the microcontroller generating the 38kHz PWM signal.

    Edit: Note that you'll probably want a MOSFET to drive the LED as well - as the currents involved are quite high.
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