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Thread: Arduino programming - 'single shot' code

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    As I say, if you need some some help - please just ask. I know a few people who've had a go at this sort of thing before and failed due to making silly errors.

    I encourage reading as this may help you out with a lot of answers to questions as well.

    For the FETs, the IRFD110 seems to have become a bit of a standard as well - readily available in the UK from Farnell.

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    Personally (and this is from experience having used the LS20/20 infrared laser modules) the beam is so narrow that it makes hitting the sensors very, very difficult. The laser tag industry has been using IR LED + lenses for the last, what, 30 or so years (longer than I have been alive!). I know that there is one system that is out there using lasers (if memory serves) and it does work, but you have to be very very accurate. It was built for the military, but has since been commercialised.

    If you want some kit-form lens systems, I'd suggest talking to Tony at TagBits - he did most of the 3D printing for my laser tag kit that I run commercially, so knows what he's doing.

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