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Thread: Short circuited esc

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    Do they work? Did the magic smoke come out? I'm going to assume the answer is no then yes. In which case, chances are they are goosed.

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    In theory you can repair any damaged ESC, as long the PCB isn't damaged.

    Doing so isn't that easy.

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    Your BEC is dead. Meaning the lights are on but no ones home (or rather nothing is actually happening in the ESC).

    *May* be fixable if you have some background in electronics. But may also have killed other parts of the ESC.

    In futures make sure you are using polarised connectors and obey the polarity (Like XT or EC connectors) and be careful when handling a live system. Especially if you have a LiPo connected.

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    Its likely that both the BEC and processor is dead.. Usually terminal I'm afraid..

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