Welcome Y'all to The New Era. Here is some info and rules. All Rp's will be made on Asbestosstar.com/forum
Welcome Y'all. Welcome to the new Era! This is where you cad a robot and fight against other peoples cad models. Here is the rules set for The New Era.
Note: this rule set is based of of the robogames rules. So if i do not mention something but robogames rules approve it then it is allowed. But if you are unsure you just ask me. I like new ideas. Plus you can enter is many bots as you want in a weight class.
The Sponsors are: The Wallace Store from Roll of Thunder, The Barnett Mercantile from Roll of Thunder, Asbestosstar Inc., Red Bull, and Unity. So this event has lots of sponsors. To enter the event you must make a cad model or drawing. I am not too picky as long as i know what it is. If you have a real made robot that you made i need verification. Write your name next to the robot. The event will be hosted by Bil Dwyer. Also this is revolting from ARC if you know what that is. It is a similar concept make a CAD model or drawing then fight other peoples by making these things called rp’s. An Rp is your strategy of winning.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h_M ... sp=sharing
Wheeled bot has 50 points to deal with.
Omnibots shuffle-bots, Autonomous and drones and other such mobility movements have 55
Walkers have 69
These are the categories for you stats
Pushing Power

Your main bot can have up to 8 weapons at a time in a match. There are exceptions if you have 1 weapon that can do Multiple things that is allowed. Or fullbody spinners with different teeth. Or a bunch of different kind of minibots

Swiss army bots such as Bombshell and Razorback can have as many weapon choices as that want. But you can still only have 6 weapons on at a time.

If you want to write people's fights just tell me.
Weapon choices
You have but are not limited to these choices.
For explosives you may only have explosives that explode 1*1*1 feet or less. Plus the bot itself can not be a bomb or bomb on wheels.
Projectiles are allowed tethered and untethered
Swiss army bot
Multi-Purpose weapon such as Tri-mangle
Internal damage
For any other ideas contact me.

You may use any armor material. Although it has to be weight reasonable. I do not was 1 foot of steel on a nano-weight or 35g weight. It is best to use good armor on a wedge and make it low so you cannot be flipped as easily.

Control/Mobility systems
All robots must move whether it is for wheels or any system. Or else it will be counted out. It is ok if you have a multibot that pushes the main bot. Or if any part of the bot is moving including 1 of the minibots. For a multibot ko all bots must be taken out.
antonymous robots
These are programmed robots that control them selves. They can be on wheels or any moving system. You still must RP but if you something happens if may be impossible for the antonymous to be adaptive and thus you will lose.

Some forms of mobility include but are not limited to:
Omni float
Balloon Powered are allowed but they will not last long and only go straight unless there is a turn method.

Arena details
The size of the arena is 200*200 feet. 4*’s is big as the battlebox.
It is very similar to the 5.0 battlebox. Some modifications are 1 of the 4 corners has one of the sledge hammers from season 1.0 2 others have pulveriser and the 4th has a pit like in robot wars. HellRaisers are present and Pistons are back to. There is also a pit on the corner where the bots fall into. And next to the Hell raisers there are 2 flipper hazards like in robot wars. In the hell razors there is a small x in the middle of the battlebot logo. If you are on the x then a refrigerator will fall on you. So stay off the Hell razors!
Arena Layout Picture https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing!
Info on most of the hazards and items can be found on http://battlebots.wikia.com/wiki/Battlebox
Weight classes
There are multiple weight classes. If you are wheeled you stay the same as assigned. Walkers have another half to add on . Such as if the weight was 220 lbs the walker would have 330. Shufflers and other methods has a â…“ extra. These are the weight classes
Mechaweight from mecha wars 390lbs
Super heavyweight:340
Unnamed 35 gram class:35g
Nano weight:25g This one if for you Playzooki.

You have 1 week to get your rp’s in. If you are late that is ok because i will probably view it at school. There is little limitation for what you put. Just be polite.

Tournament layout.
We will have a modified robin layout.
1st we do 4 bot rumbles the loosers go in the loosers bracket. The 2 Winners go to the roboins.
The losers of the robin will go in a double elimination bracket then the winner of that goes with the robin winners in a double elimination event.

House Robots
I each fight since the arena is big there will normally be 4 housebots and sometimes be more!
There is no real weight limit for housebots yet but if i see thing getting out of hand i will add one. You can submit a housebot with the same stats system.
So there you have it.

Any other Questions? Just Tell Me