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Thread: Firestorm & Razer School Demo from Way Back When

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    I recently re discovered this on an old hard drive. Might be of interest to some but try not to fall asleep at some of the kids "battles". They worked really hard just to get their robots moving even if there wasn't much in the way of competition.

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    Hi Peter, that is a blast from the past. I attended the similar event you organised at the school in 2005 with our robot Terminal Damage (puny axe with a Scottish flag painted on the front). Always enjoyed it as an event, and was nothing to do with seeing Razer for the first time

    Still got our final battle with Bodge Job on YouTube, if you excuse the questionable camera work!
    Jamie McHarg
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    That's brilliant to see Jamie, thanks for posting it. It was marvellous to have you and others come from far and wide to take part, really made an event of it. Nice of Razer to dismantle the "arena" at the end wasn't it. Great to see that you're still building, with more potent weaponry I see ;-)
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